Israel Visa requirements

Observe the following Israeli Passport Control rules:
answer the questions briefly, without unnecessary clarifications, do not be nervous and look straight into the officer’s eyes. Avoid ambiguity in responses.
If a longer stay in the country is planned, then citizens of visa-free states should in advance request visa permission corresponding to the purpose of his visit. Exceeding the permitted duration of stay in the territory of Israel entails deportation and a ban on subsequent entry for a period of 10 years.
If your relatives have indicated in the invitation that they bear all expenses for your stay in Israel, this will be enough. At passport control in Israel, it is not necessary to provide an extract from the bank. You should have a confirmation of the reservation of the paid hotel, medical insurance for the entire period of your stay in Israel, an air ticket with the date of departure and confirmation of solvency in the form of valid bank cards or cash. Cash - based on the amount of 50 USD per person per day.
To get to the territory of the Palestinian Authority is possible only through Israel. Border crossings with Jordan across the Jordan River and the Rafiah checkpoint in the Gaza Strip, as well as on the border with Egypt, are controlled by the Israeli army, which means that the Israeli passport and visa regime applies to foreigners entering the autonomy territory.
Foreign citizens who previously worked in Israel on the basis of a work visa (B1) and did not violate the laws, can visit the country for tourist purposes without obtaining a visa no earlier than after 1 year of being abroad.
For children traveling with one parent, it is recommended to have a notarized power of attorney from the parent staying in the country, certified by an apostille, a photocopy of the 1st page of the parent's passport and the original of his birth certificate. If the child leaves accompanied by a third person (grandfather, grandmother, uncle, etc.), a power of attorney from both parents is required, certified by an apostille, a photocopy of the first page of the parents passport, as well as the original birth certificate of the child.
There are special companies that recruit foreign workers who have special permits from the state of Israel. Foreign workers are engaged in construction, agriculture and care for the elderly in Israel. You can also get a work visa B1.
When arriving and departing to / from Israel at airports, the marks on visiting the country are not set. Instead, they issue special personal paper certificates (they are also migration cards) with a barcode that must be maintained throughout the period of stay in Israel.

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