Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services Ltd.
Service Center - *2735 and +9723-7547777
Address - Abba Hillel Silver Rd 3, Ramat Gan, 5211802
Opening hours from Sunday to Thursday from 8-00 to 16-00
• For single tourists and groups of tourists, for the period from 7 days to six months;
• For pilgrims to the Holy Land;
• For Israeli family members who do not have Israeli citizenship and who are awaiting it, as a rule, for a long time in Israel.
The medical insurance policy for tourists in Israel provides the insured with insurance coverage of various medical expenses for the period of hospitalization and non-hospitalization, as well as visits to doctors - specialists, tests and medications, etc.
The maximum insurance coverage is 100,000$.
Medical aviation evacuation - up to $ 10,000.
Death or complete loss of organs as a result of an accident (over 18 years) - $ 15.000.
The liability of the insured will not exceed - $ 100,000.
A. Private service in Harel.
B. Medical care at Clalit (Health Insurance Fund).
Emergency dental care is covered - up to $ 200.
Medical expenses in Israel with and without hospitalization are insured - up to 90 days.

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