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Deportation and Detention in Israel

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According to the Entry into Israel Act, anyone who resides in Israel and without having a valid visa is liable to deportation almost immediately, and until he or she is deported to their homeland they are to be held in detention. It is possible to prevent and even annul that unpleasant procedure in three point in time: by submitting a proper application to The Ministry of the Interior or the court even before the person was caught, during a hearing held by the Border Control Officer shortly after he or she was caught, or by a request for release from custody after he or she had already been detained. The earlier an appeal is made, the greater the chances of preventing deportation.

Some of the situations in which a person can be released from permanent custody are stipulated in the law, while others stem from the practice of the Ministry of the Interior and/or various rules determined in case law. When a person is arrested and a deportation order is issued against him/her, an attorney must be contacted as quickly as possible, since if an immediate action is not taken, the deportation shall take place within 3 days and in many cases turn to be irreversible.

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